The Hesquiat Trail Shoot, Vancouver Island

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This July some friends and I decided to kick off the summer with an adventure to the stunning Hesquiat Trail, located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This is a remote 50km trail that takes about 5 days of solid hiking to complete and is only accessible by seaplane. The trail sees about 20 visitors a year!

The Group Preparing to Take Off

I knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the raw untouched beauty of the British Columbia. I immediately packed my camera gear and prepared myself for what would be some of the most scenic coastline I’ve ever seen in my life.

Stunning Coastal BC

Campsite for a Day

Misty Morning

They say the best things in life are worked for. After this hike, I agree with that statement! This was without a doubt one of the most challenging shoots I’ve ever done. The shots you will see were paid for in sweat and are probably some of my favourite footage I’ve ever taken!

Sunsets and Campsites

Big thanks goes out to Air Nootka and our wonderful pilot Doug Kilian for allowing us to mount my GoPro to the wing of our sea plane. Super unique footage! Thanks Doug! Let’s fly again!

Soaring High

Also, special thanks goes out to my friends and fellow hikers: Dustin Schmaltz, Adrian Goodmurphy, Donna Lee, and Lynn Daoust! Thanks for putting up with my constant ‘camera breaks’ on the hike! I hope you enjoy the video!

– APS_Chris

Glidecam Sunset Chris