7 Days On The Cote D’Azur, Southern France

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While I was in France a few months ago I was invited by the local tourism board to come along on a 7 day all expenses paid ‘fam-trip’ with a bunch of cruise industry executives along the beautiful Cote D’Azur. What’s a fam trip you ask? It’s essentially when the tourism board rolls out the red carpet and shows off their destinations to journalists and cruise ship ship itinerary planners in hopes of familiarizing and exciting them about the area. Ideally, they come away with new insight into the destinations and bring their ships in the future. It’s big business when a ship carrying three to six thousand people rolls into a port, so this is an important week for the tourism board to make a sterling impression.


I knew it was going to be an amazing trip and fun opportunity to capture some great moments in the South of France! I was in. :)

Top of the World

We visited a ton of gorgeous Southern France ports of call and probably saw more in 7 days then most people in a month. We drank and ate in little French seaside cafes, we were guided through towering cathedrals, down windy cobblestone streets, through bustling markets… We caught some fantastic sunsets, cliff jumped, biked, went yachting, played petanque (French Bocce)¬†with the locals, visited vineyards, ziplined… the list goes on. What an amazing week. The video below is my personal experience of the trip. (a glimpse at least) Check it out and thanks for watching!

French Riviera Pretty

The technical stuff:

Shot with a Canon T3i, GoPro, and a glidecam 4000HD.
Edited in FCP7, CC’d with 3-way and a little tiny bit of Magic Bullets.
Song: Undefeated by Jason Derulo

Sanary Sur Mer

Please enjoy and thanks for watching!

– APS_Chris


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