Shooting Team Flyzone: Skydiving in NYC


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Empire State Panorama

New York City! Damn! What a place! I was fortunate this month to have the opportunity to travel with my awesome friends at Richmond’s very own Flyzone, and spend six days shooting in the Big Apple! What is Flyzone? They’re a company that offers skydiving (what they call ‘body flight’) in massive wind tunnels. Essentially, a giant rotor beneath your feet lifts you off the ground making you experience the sensation of skydiving! AWESOME!

Flyzone Wind Tunnel

The Rotar

Body Flight, Epic Skies

I was lucky to have met Peter Zaoralek, the CEO of Flyzone, last year during my vlogging adventures with Tourism Richmond. I actually made a video showcasing the technology and experience first hand. Check it out here:

So how did we end up in NYC? Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines had a grand unveiling for their beautiful new cruise ship the ‘Quantum of the Seas…’ and in classic RCL fashion included all the toys in their newest behemoth. Yes, they are putting a massive wind tunnel onboard the ship so you can skydive at sea! Crazy right?

Quantum of the Seas

iFly Quantum of the Seas

Peter owns the only portable wind tunnel in North America, so he was tasked with trucking it cross continent to NYC to show off the sport during the world wide grand reveal of the ship. It was my mission to make an epic New York City Flyzone video capturing the excitement and energy of the event, the city, and the sport!

Our Big Truck

I had an absolute blast shooting in NYC! The city is HUGE and makes my beloved Vancouver feel like a little blip on the map! Honestly, I could people watch there all day. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, the city is alive and buzzing with activity! I definitely played the tourist and got to see Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the new Freedom Tower (former WTC), Times Square and of course the Empire State Building! We ate, we drank, we shot some epic video, and we had a blast skydiving and showing off the sport!

Sight Seeing NYC

Wall Street Bull

Team Flyzone NYC!

Getting the Times Square shots with the massive truck and wind tunnel was particularly exciting! I got to zip in and out of the monstrous crowds and chase the truck through probably one of the busiest intersections in the world! On top of that, there were cops on every corner due to the recent Boston incident! If you’ve ever shot in a *very* public place before, you know how touchy and sensitive authorities can be. When you add in the fact that our driver, (who LOVES his truck; it is pretty awesome), decided to stop dead smack in the very centre of the square, get out, and start posing for photos, I feel we got pretty lucky! It was a hilarious moment and the tourists were eating it up– he had probably 400 people taking photos of him and his crazy green truck, while blocking 1.5 lanes of traffic in the centre of Times Square. He loved it! LOL!

Our Truck in Times Square

Skydivers are crazy. It’s a fact. One great moment on the trip was when my friend John Suiter, a legend in the industry and one of the founders of the wind tunnel, did a flight with NO ROOF! That’s right, they took the netting off the top and he flew probably 40 ft off the ground with no walls or ceiling… Just him and the NYC skyscrapers! This is incredibly dangerous… If a gust were to happen or he made a wrong move and fell out of the jet stream, he would plummet to the pavement. To give perspective, I took the first shot below in a fully extended cherry picker (crane) and he’s eye level with me! The dude has balls of steel!!!

John Suiter Free Flying

John Suiter Body Flight

You’ll be hearing a lot of more about Flyzone in the near future! They are breaking ground later this year and building a massive stationary wind tunnel at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC that will service the lower mainland. The tunnel will be fifty feet high and fourteen feet wide! Wow!! More video to come!

Happy flyer!

Jennifer Killin It

Thanks to Peter and company for the amazing opportunity! NYC was a blast!

You can find out more about Flyzone at their webpage:

As always, thanks for reading and check out the video!!!

– APS_Chris

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