Why Is No One Viewing My Videos?

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I’ve seen the same story soo many times. A client hires me to create a video. We spend huge amounts of time, money, and resources crafting something wonderful… They are excited and eagerly post it on their Facebook page, homepage, and YouTube channel. Done! Hooray! And… then… crickets. The video sits there collecting dust, rotting ...

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How to Create Vertical Video for Instagram

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Vertical video has become increasingly popular on instagram and for good reason- it looks awesome! Unsurprisingly 94% mobile users hold their phones vertically (stats from via Medium.com), so it only makes sense to optimize for the best viewing experience. As a business, your content needs to be built in a way that caters best to ...

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Is ‘Influencer’ Marketing a Fad?

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Today I was on a conference call with Matthew Kepnes (Nomadic Matt; https://www.nomadicmatt.com). Matt is one of the largest and most success travel bloggers in the world and has played the game for a long time. During our call, the topic of ‘influencer marketing’ came up. I asked the question: ‘is influencer marketing a fad?’ Matt’s ...

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Current Trends & Future Predictions in Video Marketing (Infographic)

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When it comes to video marketing, the trend towards content creation and reaching potential customers through engaging video content is nothing new. In fact, television networks have been selling advertisement slots to major events or network shows since the inception of the television revenue model, in the 1960’s. The rise of social media and video ...

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