Current Trends & Future Predictions in Video Marketing (Infographic)

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When it comes to video marketing, the trend towards content creation and reaching potential customers through engaging video content is nothing new. In fact, television networks have been selling advertisement slots to major events or network shows since the inception of the television revenue model, in the 1960’s. The rise of social media and video sharing platforms, like Facebook and YouTube, have effectively moved the viewership away from television to the worldwide web.

According to data from Websitebuilder from 2010 to 2014, video views online doubled. It is also projected that, by 2020, 75% of all mobile internet traffic will be video. Online video traffic will be about three times more than it was in 2015. With such a huge and growing market, it only makes sense to target new campaigns of video content to the online viewer.

I’ve included an infographic below. There’s some incredible information on here regarding current statistics and trends with video marketing, as well as future predictions.


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