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Le Thoronet Abbey, Southern France

This is an example of how stylish video combined with a knowledgable host can create an informative and eye-catching promotional piece to market a tourism product.

Client: French Riviera Tourism Board ( // The Avid Cruiser (
Objective: Create 18 mini travel show episodes featuring host/travel journalist Ralph Grizzle, showcasing various cities/destinations/attractions along the French Riviera. Make viewers want to book a trip!
Geographical Info: The abbey shown is Le Thoronet Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey located in Southern France.
Fun Facts: In this episode we visited an isolated abbey in Southern France boasting acoustics among the top 10 best in the world. The experience was truly incredible. You could literally hear a pin drop on the opposite corner of the abbey– never in our lives have we ever experienced anything like this before.

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March 19, 2015