Seabourn’s Adventures Ashore Season 1 Released

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Well, after a ton of work these videos have finally been shot, edited, output, approved, and are currently being played onboard Seabourn’s luxury cruise liners around the world! Wow! Long time coming! It’s hard to describe how refreshing it is to make this post.

What was the goal of this project? To educate and inspire people on what they can do in various Seabourn ports of call. The catch, is that all of the activities shown are shore excursions the ship offers– though we don’t outright say that or make that fact known. (It’s a soft sell) The idea: When you’re sitting in your stateroom on your next Seabourn Cruise [perhaps putting on your tie and getting ready for dinner], you can flick on the TV and in 10 minutes or less know everything there is to do in X destination. If/when you eventually head down to the shore excursion desk, everything you saw in the show is offered by the ship. You’re now entertained, informed, and hopefully inspired to book a great excursion!

This series of 10 episodes was shot over a period of 1.5 months across 7 countries. Most often we were in cities for only 3-4 days each before heading somewhere new– it was a blistering pace that left little room for error and an extraordinary amount of improvisation in each destination. I walked into 90% of the destinations and activities having never seen them before, usually with mere hours to capture everything shown. Suffice to say, I’m super happy with the results, and Seabourn was too! We were renewed for a second season which we shot in the fall of 2015. We shot an additional 25 excursions spanning 7 countries. That stuff is currently in post production as I write this and won’t be visible for quite some time.

In the meantime, please check them out, and enjoy! Oh, and keep travelling! 🙂

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Episode 1: Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Walled Jewel

Episode 2: Barcelona, Spain: Catalonia’s Beating Heart

Episode 3: Corfu, Greece: Isle of Enchantment

Episode 4: Naples, Italy: Desolation With a Side of Limoncello

Episode 5: Marseille, France: Portal To Provence

Episode 6: Istanbul, Turkey: The Seat of Civilization

Episode 7: Kusadasi, Turkey: Gateway to the Antiquities

Episode 8: Katakolon, Greece: Birthplace Of Olympians

Episode 9: Monte Carlo, Monaco: Gardens & Glamour Along the French Riviera

Episode 10: Livorno, Italy: Gateway To Tuscany

Thanks again for watching!

– APS_Chris