Update! New Projects and Greece Trip!

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Viking Sailing

Hello friends! Happy Spring!!!! Some updates:

Next week I’m being flown to Spain to shoot the inaugural voyage of a beautiful new ocean liner called ‘The Viking Star’! This is a new, state of the art 930 passenger luxury vessel that will be taking her maiden voyage through the Mediterranean. It’s got some interesting features including an infinity pool off the back, and a snow grotto inside the ship! Yup! A room that SNOWS, inside! I’ll be shooting a video with cruise ship blogger Ralph Grizzle (www.avidcruiser.com) and revealing it all!

Viking Star

This is actually a really big deal in the cruise industry, as the company ‘Viking Cruises’ comes from a river cruise background and this is their first foray into the ocean liner market. It should also be noted that they have single handedly taken over the river cruise market, so there’s a lot of big players keeping close tabs on this launch. The ship looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how it fairs!

Viking Star Infinity Pool

I’ll be onboard for 7 days! Check out our itinerary:

Day 1: Barcelona, Spain
Day 2: Barcelona, Spain
Day 3: Cartagena, Spain
Day 4: Gibraltar, U.K.
Day 5: Cadiz, Spain
Day 6: Lisbon, Portugal
Day 7: Lisbon, Portugal

Pretty exciting!

A little overview video of the ship can be found below. This thing is top of the line in every aspect.

Stay tuned for updates!

You can find out more about Viking River Cruises here.


Santorini Greece 1

Upon disembarking the Viking Star, I’m excited to say I’m heading over to Athens and taking a 3 week trip through the Greek Isles with my girlfriend! Of course, my camera will be rolling the entire time. I’m head over heels in love with Greece, and anticipate some epic video and glorious times on this trip.

Places we’re visiting:

1) Athens
2) Rhodes
3) Kos
4) Santorini
5) Mykonos

I’ll be updating my social streams regularly throughout this trip with photos, anecdotes and video, so please join me on the journey!

Twitter: @ChrisStanleyHD
Instagram: ChrisStanleyHD

Yiamas! 🙂

– APS_Chris

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