Why Is No One Viewing My Videos?

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I’ve seen the same story soo many times. A client hires me to create a video. We spend huge amounts of time, money, and resources crafting something wonderful… They are excited and eagerly post it on their Facebook page, homepage, and YouTube channel. Done! Hooray!

And… then… crickets.

The video sits there collecting dust, rotting away…

You know how the story goes.

It’s a real travesty to watch this pattern again and again. So what happened?

We are constantly reminded of ‘the power of video’ and how ‘video is the most effective form of marketing!’ So is this actually true?

Yes my friend. A resounding 100% YES*!

But, that’s only half the equation. It should be:

‘Video with proper distribution is the most effective form of marketing.’

So, I’m here to set the record straight. I’m tried of seeing my clients doubt the power of video. It’s like being the fastest runner in a race, getting kneecapped half way through, and then being surprised you didn’t win.

I want to see my clients succeed and smash their sales out of the park. I want their tours full. I want massive trackable results they can chew on and see exactly how their video is performing and the ROI it’s generating them. It’s time we put those videos to work.

In lieu of this, I’ve developed what I’m calling ‘Commercial Campaigns’. It’s the marriage of years of travel and tour experience, a decade of video production, and the top marketing strategies out today into something I believe can massively benefit any tour operation.

If you’re an operator and want to consistently and predictably fill your tours this upcoming season, please get in touch with me. I’m looking to deliver massive results to someone like you.

You can learn more about Commercial Campaigns and exactly how they work here: http://chrisstanley.ca

Let’s get to work,


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