Winter Update

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Winter is here! Brr! I have just returned home from spending two months shooting in the sunny Mediterranean for the ultra luxury cruise line ‘Seabourn Cruises’, filming content for their shipboard TV’s and website. This is technically our ‘season 2’ as my partner Ralph Grizzle (The Avid Cruiser – and I shot 10 destinations last year around this time too. It’s been a very slow process, but these videos are completed and are being released onboard the ships as I write this. I will post them to the blog soon!

This year, we shot a variety of content from 14 destinations around the Med, including France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Malta, and Greece. (off the top of my head!) It was a wild ride and the amount of experiences and variety of content is substantial. We shot everything from massive churches to kayaking inner city canals to snorkelling crystal waters to ancient ruins! Oh so many ruins. I’m very excited to show these videos off. They’ve been a labour of love for literally months of my life. Post production has already begun, although it’s still a ways off before I can publicly release them. However, as I mentioned I will publish season 1 very soon.

I’ve included a few fun behind the scenes photos of our recent trip. Check them out and enjoy! I am now back in Vancouver and will be working locally till next spring, overseeing the post production, and trying to get more stick time with my drone. Spring of 2016 will be a fun time– I am planning on taking a backpacking trip  to Vietnam with my girlfriend, as well as continuing our endeavours with Seabourn and shooting Season 3 somewhere back in the Mediterranean. Thanks for following along, and enjoy!

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Flickr Album, Season 2. Click here. 

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