Your Video Sucks, Hire a Pro

It’s 2018 and the age of video is upon us! The internet, businesses, and all forms of social media now revolve around video. Between Netflix, YouTube, your likely now inundated Facebook feed, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the others it’s hard to escape the tidal wave of moving pictures. This is good news, as video is an incredible platform for communication.

The barriers of entry for a creator have also never been easier.

I graduated film school around 10 years ago. At the time, the cheapest entry level video cameras all started around $10,000+, and that wasn’t including the editing software or computer needed to actually create something. Now you can walk into a BestBuy and get a 4K compatible camera for less than $1000. Computer power has also exponentially grown and it’s possible to edit entire movies on iPhone now. Amazing.

Soo… does this mean anyone can become a filmmaker? Sure.

Does this mean anyone can become a good filmmaker? No.

Anyone can pick up a pen, but does that make them a writer?

Despite this video revolution, I strongly believe there is massive value to be had in working with dedicated video professionals. I’m seeing more and more businesses and DIYers taking a stab at video themselves, usually in an effort to cut costs. Ironically it often costs them more in the long run. Although I applaud their efforts, few people realize that video is actually a tremendous amount of work, massively time consuming and damn difficult to produce good quality content.

The bottom line? Crappy looking video will not help your business and can be detrimental to your brand.

5 Key Reasons to Bring in the Pros

  1. Time is money. People greatly underestimate the time it takes to not only learn these skills, but actually do them. Things like how to use a camera, which camera is right for the job, how to light, how to capture great sound, direction, writing, shooting a coherent story, editing, sound design, colour correction, graphics, media management, compression settings, etc. etc. etc. are a mere handful of factors to consider when shooting a video. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there’s a strong argument to let the pros handle it so your energies aren’t diverted away from the core business.
  2. Quality counts. Hiring people who have the expertise to turn out a quality product will give you the professional results your brand needs. While it may be true that anyone can make a video, not everyone can make a quality video captures your story and brand properly. We live, eat, breathe and sleep video and know how to craft something memorable.
  3. The right equipment for the job. We know what to bring to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot. We know what looks best and what special considerations need to be made for the best results in any given location. Remember, we’ve invested our livelihoods into the most cutting edge technologies so you don’t have to.
  4. Experience is more important than knowledge. We’ve been battled tested in the trenches. It’s one thing to read a book or watch a YouTube video, it’s another to actually experience it and do it first hand. The mark of true professional is someone who’s made every mistake in the book— and learned from them so they never happen again. We take this experience and directly apply it to your shoot. Experience is invaluable. Amber Pacific has over 10 years of experience across 50 countries around the world. We bring that with us to every single shoot.
  5. No Headache. We make the entire video process easy and fun for you. We eliminate the headache and streamline the entire process. No stress. We got you covered. We know you’re busy and have 999 other things to worry about with your business, so let us handle this for you (damn well I might add).

Hire a pro. We got you covered.

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